Policies & GUIDANCE

We are Glenridge Middle School

Cell Phone & Device Policy

Read the GMS cell phone (device) policy.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Please email or call your child's guidance counsellor for PTC information:

GMS phone: 407-623-1415

2021-22 Guidance Counsellors

Stacey Mancuso – 6th Grade – ext. 5072244   [email protected]

Jayne Ness-Lee – 7th Grade – ext. 5072277   [email protected]   

Chelsea Vandegrift – 8th grade – ext. 5072332   [email protected]

Code of Conduct

* Check back for OCPS 2021-22 Code of Conduct *

Click to read and/or download the OCPS 2020-21 Code of Conduct.

Additionally Glenridge Middle School will enforce the following Dress Code rules and guidelines:

  • No running shorts may be worn on campus.
  • Yoga pants and leggings are allowed; student’s shirt must cover the buttocks and under garments cannot be visible.
  • The length of shorts, skirts, and dresses may be above the finger tips, however the clothing cannot be too tight or revealing.
  • If the length of shorts, skirts, and dresses is above the finger tips, body parts cannot be revealed, nor may under garments be visible.
  • Pants may have holes, the holes may be above the finger tips, so long as buttocks and under garments are not visible.

The guidelines listed above are general rules for student dress and attire and aren’t meant to be viewed as a reference. Administration will make the final decision on any questionable garment. Any student in violation of dress code will be sent to the front office. School staff will call a parent to bring a change of clothing for the student. If nobody is available, the item in violation will be held in the front office in a sealed bag, and a pair of shorts, or tee shirt will be given to the student. The student will return borrowed clothes for their clothes at the end of the school day.

Consequences for repeated dress code offenders may include but are not limited to: lunch detention, afternoon detention, Saturday school or PASS.


When a student needs to pre-arrange an absence, a pre-arranged absence form must be completed and signed by the parent/guardian and returned to the attendance office at least two days prior to the absence.

Click to download the Pre-Arranged Absence Request