ADDitions Volunteers

Welcome parents and guardians to what we, at Glenridge, hope will be a successful and terrific year for your child. Your support of goods and service to Glenridge has tremendously benefited the success of our students in all content areas. We do appreciate you!

Orange County Public Schools ADDitions Volunteer Applications are online!

If you have never applied to be an OCPS ADDitions Volunteer, the process is quite easy.

Please follow the steps below to start the process:

  1. From your web browser, type in
  2. Click on the block for ‘Community’
  3. On the side bar, click on the + sign to open ‘Community Involvement’
  4. Follow arrow to Business Partners and School Volunteers
  5. Click onAdditions School VolunteersVolunteer Opportunities
  6. Lastly, become a Glenridge volunteer.

New Volunteers: Enter your Social Security Number and Date of Birth. You will be prompted to complete a new Volunteer Application.

Previous Volunteers: Enter your Social Security Number and Date of Birth. Your previous application will be loaded and you can update it and be re-activated for this School Year.

You will then be asked to either Review My Application Status or Update My Application.

Please note that you must fill in the highlighted red boxes to have your form accepted. Be sure to indicate ‘Glenridge Middle School’ as one of the schools you wish to be a volunteer. A volunteer may indicate up to four schools to volunteer this school year.

Prior to reviewing your application, you will be asked online to read the “Ethical Code of Conduct” form and the “Volunteer Guidelines” before you can submit the application. These forms are only available online, and are part of your ADDitions application process. Both will appear at the bottom of the enrollment page.

Next press the Preview button. You will be able to edit your application from this Preview page before submitting.

Click on the “submit” button to process the application.

Once you click “submit” your application will be forwarded to the Orange County Public Schools Community Resource Department. At this time your application will be reviewed and processed for each of the schools that you have selected. You will receive confirmation via email that your application has been processed. You will receive confirmation via email that your application has been processed. This process may take up to a week. 

PLEASE NOTE ***If you wish to chaperone, you will need to complete the ADDitions Volunteer application online 4 weeks prior to the event date AND you will need to print and fill out the OCPS Chaperone Application form.

Volunteers Entering the School:

Volunteers coming into the school will first need to check in at the main office. Please go to the computer at the right side of Ms. Gonzalez’s desk. Please click on the OCPS Community Resource icon, and fill in information requested. Your ADDitions number will appear, and your volunteer time will start/continue to accumulate at this point.

Ms. Gonzalez will issue you a visitor badge to be worn while you are on the campus.

When your volunteer duties in the classroom are over, please stop back by the main desk and sign out at the computer (Visitor/ADDitions sign out). Our school receives credit for every volunteer’s time and so all volunteer hours count!

Applicants can check their own status and/or update their name, address, and school location at any time after submitting the application and can add up to four schools for approval. Community Resources/School Volunteers.

Contact Glenridge Middle School for more information:  (407) 623-1415

Thank you!

We appreciate our OCPS ADDitions Volunteers!