2020-21 back to school

Hello Glenridge Families,

                I hope each of you continue to remain safe during these interesting times. As we prepare for the start of school, there seems to be so much more to think about these days. I want to take this opportunity to share that both Orange County Public Schools and Glenridge Middle School have been working hard to ensure we have a safe transition back to our school. Since the decision was made to return to school, our school team has made a commitment to create a schoolwide safety plan, following CDC and district safety guidelines, to make sure all times of the school day include safe and healthy practices. The safety of our staff and your students in important to me and I am confident in the safety plan created by our school administration, teachers, and staff. It is a thorough plan that accounts for every part of the school day, from arrival to class changes to dismissal. I want to thank every school team member that participated in the creation of this school safety plan. This is teamwork in action.

                No matter what the future will bring us, I know Glenridge Middle School is a school of professionals, learning together, as a community to bring our school together as one. Our focus will always be to provide a safe, learning environment for each of our students, teachers, and staff. Know I am here for you and your Glenridge Middle School Family is here for you. Stay strong and stay well.

                We Are Glenridge!


                                                                                                Chris M. Camacho, EdD