GMS Track & Field 2020


    Welcome to the 2020 GMS Track Team! Each of the Lions will be receiving a T-shirt for GMS Track within the first week of the season.  These shirts will be provided for each athlete and can also be used as our uniform for the meets within our cluster. In order to help with the finances of this season we are going to ask each athlete to bring in a donation of $10-$20 before our first meet.  This will help with the purchase of the shirts, buses, and track equipment for this season.  The athletes can bring in cash, check (made out to Glenridge) or use the school pay account:

    Official practice will start the week before spring break on 3/9.  The first week of practice will be held after school only Monday-Thursday so that we can time athletes in different distances to determine what events may best fit them.  To accommodate students who are in the spring musical and its rehearsals, track athletes can choose which time of day to practice. Either before school or after, but not both. Practice times are Mon-Thurs (except track meet weds) before school 8:30-9:10 am or after school from 4:15- until 5:00.

     All of our regular season track meets will be on Wednesdays at 4:30, as the attached schedule shows. More information about Track Fest will be provided at a later date for those that qualify.  Home meets usually end by 6:00.  All athletes must ride the bus (if a bus is used) to the away meet, but may be picked up by a parent after the meet or their event has finished.  Athletes getting picked up at away meets must check in with a GMS track coach before leaving. Those athletes riding the bus back to school will arrive between 6:30 and 6:45(estimated). Let’s have a great season!

DATE                                                    OPPONENT                                                     LOCATION/TIME

        APRIL 1st                                           LOCKHART & HOWARD                                              HOME             5:30pm         

        APRIL 8th                                              MAITLAND & A.C.E.                                         MAITLAND MS      4:30pm

        APRIL 15th                                        CPMS & BRIDGEWATER PREP                                 HOME              4:30pm

        APRIL 22nd                                    AUDUBON K-8 & REN. CHARTER                       AUDUBON K-8      4:30pm                        

        APRIL 29th                                             COLLEGE PARK                                                       CPMS               4:30pm

          MAY 6th                                                TRACKFEST (Qualifiers)                                       BOONE HS           TBA            


Girls run first, followed by boys in each event this year.  The order of events is as follows:

·        Long Jump and Shot Put

·        100 meter

·        1600 meter

·        4x100 meter relay

·        400 meter

·        800m

·        200

·        4x400m



*Athletes must sign up for the YMCA afterschool program.  This is a free program. Athletes must be picked up by 5:15 each day (4:30 on Wednesday practices) unless they are going to the YMCA afterschool program.

*Athletes must maintain satisfactory behavior/academic progress in all classes.

* Attend practice every day during season. Failure to attend practice every day without an excused absence and contacting a coach beforehand may result in being kicked off the track team!


David Stock-Boys Head Coach - [email protected](407) 623-1415 x 5072228

Tracy Bruce-Girl’s Head Coach - [email protected] (407) 623-1415 x 5072263